Gifts with Meaning


1)  We need to get your piece "in shape."  So we cut to get squared edges.


2)  The ends are painted and the pieces are stacked away for drying if needed.

3) When the pieces are dry enough, they are turned into the product you chose.

Wooden Keepsakes

    Do you struggle to find unique gifts?  Are you tired of finding the same thing in a different package at retail stores?  If you answered yes, then plan ahead and do something special for yourself or your loved ones.

    Wooden Keepsakes provides an opportunity to not only give something handmade, but handmade from material special to the individual.  Reclaimed wood from old barns, unusable wood products, or even freshly cut wood can be sent to us and used to create a special gift.

    Below is a list of ideas to have made from material you provide:
  • Handle for an ice cream scoop or pizza cutter
  • Handle for a marshmallow roasting stick
  • Handle for pigtail steak/meat flipper
  • Salt and Pepper shaker set
  • Tea light holders
  • Game calls (duck, deer, goose, turkey, etc)


How does Wooden Keepsakes work?

1) Send an email describing your idea.  Include the following:
  • description of what you want made
  • material you want to be used (include a picture if possible)
  • rough dimensions or amount of material you have to send
  • name, address, phone number

2) Someone will contact you by phone to discuss what you want.  We will explain what to do with the material before you ship. If it is a product we can't make, we will notify you via email.

3) You will ship the material to our shop along with a 40% non-refundable deposit.

4) Freshly cut wood will need to dry.  Drying times will vary based upon thickness of the wood.  This requires planning ahead.  If you want something made from a freshly cut limb of cherry for example, you will need to allow for drying time (2-4 weeks).

5) The wood is examined to make sure enough is available for your needs.  It is also inspected for quality.

6) We will send pictures of your project showing its condition upon arrival, during construction, and before shipment.  You can elect to stop the project at any point (deposit is non-refundable).

7) We will ship your completed project to you.

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